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Access to resources for all your educational needs.

Get access to 1000s of high-quality educational resources.

We have a comprehensive range of educational resources including lesson plans, classroom activities, past exam papers and memos, study guides, videos, textbooks and posters for all phases and in all official languages.

Expand your network & discover new opportunities.

We connect all stakeholders in basic education.

Zibuza.net connects teachers with their peers as well as the multitude of stakeholders in the schooling ecosystem including learners, parents, government, business, education agencies, unions, CSIs, NPOs and professionals.

Recognition and rewards at your fingertips.

Earn reputation points and badges, get featured on our leaderboard.

Our members are recognized and rewarded for their participation and contributions to the community. We aim to provide an efficient way to reinforce positive teaching and learning behaviours amongst teachers and learners as a means of increasing their curiosity and motivation towards academic outcomes.

Connect & engage with our organisation members.

Government, business, education agencies, unions, NPOs and professionals.

Awards, accolades and our sponsors.

Zibuza.net has won numerous national and international awards.

- 2020 -
Mastercard Foundation
Edtech Fellow
- 2020 -
FNB Social Entrepreneur
Impact Lab Top 25 Winner
- 2019 -
National finalist for Accelerate2030
SDG4 by the United Nations
- 2018 -
Grand Challenge winner
- 2018 -
Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation
- 2018 -
World Summit Awards
Country Winner

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